Why the strong smell? Are we at risk? We purchased this mattress and considering what’s going on with the pandemic, Amazon should have pulled this mattress from their site!! They're a luxury mattress shipped with FREE white-glove delivery & setup (different than regular bed in a box brands put on your doorstep). I was shocked since the living room filter didn’t have that and wonder why only the one in the master has that white powdery dust… this morning I finally realized it must be from the mattress! It’s been 3 days since I slept on the bed and I am still experiencing sharp pains and itchy skin from fiberglass that is imbedded in me. Same scenerio as many other victims are claiming. I imagined that’s why it unzipped. I need help!! We began trying to wash things over and over and it left us still with fiber glass embedded in everything. 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Now we know. I am horrified to be in the current position that we are in. Please contact me for more information. Fiberglass is a known irritant and can be aggravating and even dangerous. The plaintiffs are represented by Christopher F. Cueto of the Law Office of Christopher Cueto Ltd. What should I do? We have no place to go and all I can do is keep Cleaning. Purchased from Amazon 2017. We bought it in 2017 and almost a year ago due to stain on it decided to remove outer cover for a wash, since that cursed day our family with two toddlers is having all kind of skin problems mainly itching and sneezing in the bedroom. They may or may not be related, but their symptoms are similar to ours so the potentiality is there. However, in January of 2020 I began having reoccurring respiratory infections. When I washed the cover, my husband did lie on the mattress and experienced itching and had breathing issues. My 5 year-old also slept with my older daughter in another room for a few months, during that time her eczema seemed got better. Sure enough, our bed was wrapped in a glass blanket. The manufacturers ensure that scraps are transformed into carpet padding instead of being thrown into landfills. I sure would like to get rid of it, if that option is offered! Never been completely satisfied with the product to begin with. Thank u. I also have been going through this fibers up my ass process all over..just tried to wash a pet stain out and I made it so much worse. I’ve purchase two mattresses of this brand at a WalMart store within the past year. Silly me purchased one from Walmart also and notice the mattress glistening in the sunlight. Ill call to find out more with the lawsuit. I need help i removed my cover because of mold and now everything in my room and my skin is covered in fiberglass. Not to mention the amount of money spent on these mattresses. I have had one for 3 almost 4 years and my mother bought one a year or two ago. Some companies are aware of the harm fiberglass causes. Due to my daughter having asthma I won’t open the second mattress and will have to get legal advised. It’s all over my clothes. Our household has chronic cough, itching, sneezing, and eye irritation. After tossing the mattress cover in the washing we noticed the next layer had a bunch of holes all throughout it from it being a couple years old now. I went digging to the 1 star reviews and a couple 1 stars mentioned the fiber glass….it’s easy to me Amazon can sell a hazardous mattress like this from brands like Zinus and Ashley. It was in the outer fabrics; it was in bottom fabrics, it was in the inner fabrics, it was in the fire barriers – it seemed like everywhere we looked our competition was using antimony. I am crying typing this but yes all my clothes are being thrown out.

The Idle Sleep removal device is rounded plastic on one end, and the straight razor is just on the side which will touch the plastic. WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM Mattresses; Fresh off the success of their first ever mattress, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress, DreamCloud has taken it up a notch by releasing the DreamCloud Premier. We tell you about cash you can claim every week! I’m so upset! Please help us. We removed the cover and washed it in March 2020 and glass fibers were released. Plaintiffs Amanda Chandler and Robert Durham say that once the outer cover of the said mattresses are unzipped, large glass … Thankfully we realized early on what it was and was at least able to minimize the amount we spread to other parts of the apartment but we will need to sufficiently clean the bedroom. My husband and I purchased a Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea King mattress on June 29th of 2017. Please ad me. I have a “granrest” mattress from a “grand life, inc.” (Purchased from Walmart) that has a “100% glass fiber” inner cover. We need to be refunded and compensated appropriately. I just bought a Zinus off of Amazon a couple weeks ago. Hundreds of dollars of linens have been thrown out. I have a newborn and I couldn’t figure out why he was so mucousy since coming home.. Placeholders.enable(); Please help me! I looked back that I purchased my daughter’s mattress in Aug. 2018, and her skin start to have rash in late Sep. 2018, and got very bad in April 2019. I mean it says everything else that the mattress is made of, but not once done it say anything about fiber glass. The mattress cover has never been unzipped & the fiberglass had been leaking through the cover. Add me also I bought it from Walmart last summer, I also bought one and took the cover off to wash it. This is absolutely ridiculous, The fiberglass is so bad in my boys room its all over the walls we replaced there bed and all new sheets with new pillows and bed covers $380.00 later and one visit to the hospital do to the fiberglass giving my boys a allergic reaction this is the worst thing I have ever had to deal with its like you can’t get rid of it everytime I turn around in my house I see fibers in other parts off the house this is going to cost a fortune we are literally about to put the house on market not even joking I am so mad this mattress should have never been able to sell in stores. I have noticed a difference from inhaling the fiber glass infested . Many brands, like Saatva, Avocado, and Amerisleep don't use this material, so make sure you know what your mattress contains before buying it. Fiberglass Exposure. I have my 2 toddlers who do sleep with us and dealing with issues and rashes as well. My COPD got much worse during the time I had those beds, but I never thought it was them, till now. I purchased a Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress from Amazon on Nov 27, 2017. At this point, everything she owns is covered in fibers. Fiberglass is a synthetic is glass mineral fiber used in many home insulation projects. President's Day Sale: Get $200 off your order of $1,000 or more, today! Removing that cover exposed shards of fiberglass and released them all over the house, and in particular the shards in the washing machine then spread to all their clothing. v. Amazon.com LLC, et al., Case No. Currently going through cleaning this up. Yes, the mattress can be returned but, it is not that easy. as we turned (not flipped) the mattress, my feet started burning. She herself is sick. Purchased on amazon. She only slept on it a month and then avoided it. here i thought it was supposed to be this way till i saw this. One of the most frustrating things about buying mattresses is the lengths that mattress companies go to hiding the toxic-chemicals from you. If someone can offer some guidance I would greatly appreciate it. I have to wash all of our stuff multiple times. Why are their not warnings on the product that the consumer can not miss? Amazon should be responsible and STOP selling this brand. Shortness of breath, tightness and pain in my chest, sore throat, phlegmy coughing and no fever. Now, when I see a strand of hair somewhere, I have a full on panic attack and go into a PTSD driven cleaning frenzy. – After reading all of this – I don’t want it in my house, and I’m kind of afraid to move it. My entire house and everything inside was covered in tiny shards of glass. I bought a king and a twin, I had the same thing happen to me and why was there a zipper if it wasn’t meant to be taken off??? None of my family can do there laundry because the washer and dryer have fiber glass in it. READ: News 4 Investigates: Is a danger lurking in your mattress also protecting you? Same thing as everyone else is saying . Count us in! Because of mandatory flammability standards for mattresses, some companies are putting fiberglass in the mattresses to meet the guidelines, while others are adding chemicals. Even Amazon couldn’t get ahold of someone with Zinus. I did remove it 2-3 times this year. This has been traumatizing honestly. Legal Notice My boyfriend vacuumed up the random fuzzy stuff that got everywhere. Homeowners can also come across fiberglass insulation during repairing or clearing out the attic. Huge mistake. The “fiberglass” content in the label shows 58% of the inner FR mattresses cover. Thank you. We examined her. My older daughter slept with her in the same room for a few months, and I notice she started to have some skin issue. Is there anything we can do about this before we have to spend all this money to replace everything? Purchased a spa sensations by zinus king about a year and a half ago. The tags on both mattresses actually instruct to remove the outer cover and machine wash cold and dry on gentle air cycle. There needs to be something done about this! Now we know. Please let me know next steps. PleSe add me to this list. I recently found that our zinus mattress started spilling fiberglass.. 500$ later and so many loads of laundry that I still have to rewash to be safe and so many clothes we had to toss. We found out too late about the fiber glass and have done loads of laundry AFTER cleaning the cover and now there are strands of fiberglass embedded in all of our children’s clothes and ours. He and a friend kept getting unexplained itchy areas on their bodies after sleeping on it. I have the same issue. I purchased a zinus mattress off Amazon for my teenage daughter. Took off cover to wash and same night felt skin irritation. We have had to leave the home. I already have respiratory issues the way it is and so do 2/3 of my kids. Yes I purchased a Zinus mattress at Walmart also. Zinus, Amazon, and any other retailer that sells one of these mattresses, has more than earned any lawsuit that they are faced with. High-quality, foam-based products are now available for way less money than before and with “green” and eco-friendly … When our dog sneezed every time she walked over to our bed … Fiberglass insulation or glass wool is a man-made vitreous fiber. I have a zinus and have also had problems! If, for some reason, you've stumbled upon this post - do NOT take the outer cover of your memory foam mattress off, even if it looks like it's "supposed" to come off because it has a zipper. On a recommendation from a friend, I purchased the Zinus mattress from Amazon in 2017. I’m overwhelmed and so confused as to why they would add a zipper to something that shouldn’t be removed. Fiberglass Breathing Danger Effects. yes i still have the bed but have to keep buying covers. In the about item it never once says anything about fiber glass. Here are the things you should know before you buy. To protect yourself from harmful chemicals, look for at least one of the following certifications: CertiPUR-US, Greenguard (Gold), OEKO-TEX Standard 100, or USDA … Itching from the fiberglass that has somehow leaked through the mattress within five days of owning it. It is great that you contacted “the company”, which I assume is Future Foam, and it is good they offered to replace the mattress and offered some cash. I was cleaning one day and we started noticing sparking debris floating in the air when I was cleaning the front room. I have not checked if there were glass fibers inside the zipped covers. Washed it and as it was drying i was sitting on the uncovered bed and was super itchy. I went in his room with a flashlight and his room shimmers. When our dog sneezed every time she walked over to our bed it was a sign something was in the air, but never did we imagine it would be floating glass. I have a loft bed so it’s not from friction on the bottom and it’s very clear to see. You can tell if your mattress is safe by looking at the tag. But I can see sparkles all around the bottom part of the bed. I take care of my mother who hopefully hasn’t ingested any fibers. I bought a queen sized mattress from Walmart. Same here in Gillette, WY. It could be a risk-free fire barrier if embedded deeper in the mattress. I take care of my mother who hopefully hasn’t ingested any fibers. After some controlled breathing I tried to surmise they were not fiberglass and just tried vacuuming the room. I was able to take a picture of one of those fibers on my son’s shirt, it is hard to tell but if you do have this you will be able to confirm! Fiberglass is a multipurpose material used in the construction of buildings, automobiles, fabric and sporting goods. Never removed outside covering, fiberglass all came through sheets. I didn’t even know until someone posted on Facebook to check our beds, I bought one of these from Amazon for my daughter in 2018 and we also took the cover off to wash it and there was no warning not to or that we would expose her to fiberglass shards. This website is not intended for viewing or usage by European Union citizens. Our cat peed on it the othet day and seeing as theres a zipper. I was alarmed ….took it back! I want to be part of this law suit …sue them and get us money for all this trouble and health issue …, I never took my cover off and I washed the sheets and I laid a black shirt on the mattress and I noticed sparkles on the shirt…I read about this…anyway I do not know what made this mattress leak ..but I shined a flashlight in there, no one sleeps in there..its a guest room..I do not see anymore…I had laid books on the mattress so I checked them with a flashlight in a dark room but seen nothing ..I have put plastic over it and I am incasing it and throwing it away but something needs to be done…hopefully, …I keep looking with a flashlight…the company said they would replace it…I do not want another poison mattress they should pay me …. I bought the hofish brand off of Amazon and we also discovered shards of glass all over our room. Everywhere is shimmering with glass. The lawsuit says the plaintiffs bought in 2014 a Select Luxury E.C.O Choice of Firmness 10-Inch Natural Latex Hybrid mattress from Overstock.com. tired of it being on my clothes and bedding all the time. And that is was. I bought the Zinus 10″ green tean infused mattress. I bought this mattress. It may cost you a … That is when I read the tag to see what is was made of. I had the zinus mattress for about a year, my son had an accident in our bed one night so I decided to remove the mattress cover, there was nothing clearly stated not to remove. To protect yourself from harmful chemicals, look for at least one of the following certifications: … For starters, a mattress with fiberglass has the potential to leave tiny shards of glass throughout the bedroom, putting you in harm's way. Please include me as well in the list of class action. After unzipping it and pulling up the cover, the flame retardent layer appeared to be worn from normal use (no kids no jumping[and after 6 months of use, really?]). You’ve seen in the above article just a few a the ways that mattress companies attempt to fool you into thinking their mattress is safe, when nothing could be further from the truth. Our ultimate goal is to help you pick your perfect mattress online, today! It’s in my washer, our clothes, through out everything! 21 New Articles. Stuff like my apparel from college has to be thrown out which is very sentimental. The tightest weaves are found in surfboards, hockey sticks and racing car bodies. I spent a week trying to get them to understand that, despite them not being the manufacturer of these mattresses, simply selling them would leave them wide open for the lawsuits that were sure to happen. SweetNight Twilight – Cheapest Fiberglass Free Mattress. Soon after I had put it on I noticed what it seemed liked tiny webs all over my baseboards my other bed the drawers basically everywhere my legs are with bites and scratches and my throat feels irritated. Today he took the cover off “which he had to pay extra for” to wash it and fiberglass is through out the bedroom and upstairs where the bedroom is. This happens if you remove the mattress cover or unzip it. Right after she laid down on it after remaking she complained of small dart like needles in her skin where it touched the mattress. I will randomly get tiny cuts on my hands or arms or legs and have no idea how I got these little cuts. Idle Sleep Fiberglass . Fiberglass in a mattress can result in rashes, sore throats, and eye irritation. So what is fiberglass and why is it found in some mattresses? We are currently cleaning these fibers up! There only response was that we had had the mattress for 2 months and couldn’t return it. Please add me. I neither have the funds nor the ability to fully clean them, and I have sensitive lungs. I went out to buy a whole new mattress cause the stuff keeps coming out and now it’s all over the comforter and sheets. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. It leaked fiberglass shards. Even my dog has fibers on her. Purchased a 12 inch Zinus mattress in 2017. I did not think to read the tag to see if it was ok to unzip the cover and wash it. I have no idea what possessed me to look up my Zinus mattress reviews. This is a update I have now had to rip out my carpet . Was seeking information on what it was…now I know ugh. The 29-page complaint’s filing comes in the wake of a news report televised on KMOV4 in St. Louis titled “Hidden Hazards” that focused on “the danger lurking in your mattress.” The report centered on two consumers whose child’s Zinus mattress released “extremely large amounts of dangerous … I have noticed that it’s now on my couches. Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam, Charles P Rogers Powercore Estate 5000 Mattress, Casper Element (Formerly Casper Essential) Mattress Review, Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress. administrator or law firm. I realized pretty quickly that the protective cover was made of long, thin, hair-like strands of glass, but it was too late. The next day, Durham, Chandler’s husband reportedly noticed that his skin was very itchy and irritated. I purchased this mattress in January 2017 from Amazon. I have two mattresses for my children and never knew they contained fiberglass. I took off the fiberglass cover because it was irritating my skin but I didn’t realize that it was what caused the lesions until I saw the same little white fibers in the filter of my air purifier. This happened to us we are currently in a hotel we can’t even go home how do we get in on this lawsuit ? I did not expect that it should not be removed. Please help! They state that “tiny shards of glass were embedded in all parts of their home, both inside and out, including their clothes, bedding, towels, appliances, carpet, tile, walls, tools, electronics, and inside their cars.”. My poor cat has been suffering from respiratory issues recently and I now know why. Definitely feeling the pain and itchiness of the mattress. Virtue71@hotmail.com But then saw strands of glittery stuff on everything. Our bedroom, the hallway, the laundry room, the washer and dryer, all the laundry that was folded on the mattress, and all the laundry it touched when I put it away in our room and in our son’s room, the carpet in both bedrooms … all completely destroyed by the glass strands. The same exact thing just happened to us we have a 4 month old baby and are so scared right now because the little fibers are everywhere!!!! I purchased as full size Zinus mattress for my guest room from Amazon. We want to be part of class action as well. With the cover still on, there are now long this reflective strings sticking out of the mattress THROUGH THE COVER. I looked into Organic beds but there is no way on gods green earth I can afford them. So what do we do? We purchased a Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, California King, from Amazon in 2016. What can we do about this? The only option left was to throw it all away. I have spent thousands on treatment and ruined my immune system with many different antibiotics thinking I had some kind of skin parasites or bacterial infection. The tag contents say 100% glass fiber. It’s like the whole house needs to be professionally cleaned. Me. Since then I’ve had these lesions on my legs which never go away and now I have them all over my entire body including my face and scalp, legs, arms, and torso. given upon contact. I smelled mold removed the cover and now its everywhere in my room. My daughter (who has never been diagnosed with asthma or had breathing problems of any kind) has been wheezing and complaining of trouble breathing – this began two years ago. I have purchased two of these mattresses and have them in my home currently, one of which is for my five year old. This is a nightmare.. My boyfriend purchased a Zinus queen sized mattress in the beginning of 2018. I too purchased 3 of these mattresses and have found after a closer look that they all have fiberglass particles. My significant other. Zinus mattress destroyed all of my property and caused my babies skin to be irritated. Purchased from walmart Nov 2019 2019. Our baby and our dog are all in one room. Why are they still selling these mattresses? I thought I just had an allergy to it so I threw it away. Add me please, I contacted your office Mr Cueto! I am dealing with issues in my home and health that I believe could be a result of these fiberglass materials escaping the casing, becoming airborne, and attaching to other materials in the home, clothing, skin, hair, and lungs. My husband and I noticed that there was fiber glass all over everything, our towels, clothes, walls, furniture, animals, you name it! This is very unsettling and frustrating due to me purchasing this zinus mattress 3 years plus ago and I am now just finding out I have glass fibers everywhere. I’m going thru the exact same thing. We loved how it felt, except for the tiny glass shards it produced … I think it caused him some issues but can not prove it??? I have a slew of them and have actually been out of work due to a chronic cough that has not yet been successfully mitigated. It was not regulated by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administrations), even though it is well known that it can be … Please sign me in for this lawsuit. Since it was done late at night we ended up sleeping ok it with no blanket while everything was being cleaned. My daughter has a dog with high anxiety and hehas chewed on hers.. Are these the ones from the lawsuit?? Not to mention layin in the bed causes occasional itching still. I have been placed on antibiotics, steroids, inhalers and nebulizers, but the symptoms persist while I am in my house. Just a couple days ago I took the cover off to wash it and I’ve been itching like crazy. It came with a bright yellow FYI type paper that throws around terms “arbitration” “dispute resolution” “lawsuits” – which led me to google search, 1 star review reading and this site. If you're searching for an affordable mattress that offers a wide range of comfort and pressure relief, we've compiled a list of mattresses for you to consider: Read our short, well-researched 10 Best Mattresses of 2021, here. Leave a message in the comments section below. Please add me to your list. So they find themselves itching … My sister has a major rash on her back and neck. I have been cleaning and vacuuming everything in the room for a week now. is_redirect && ! Mattresses … How to Avoid Fiberglass in Mattresses (Plus Safe Alternatives to Look For) When looking for a memory foam mattress without fiberglass, ... Fiberglass isn’t the only dangerous component you can find in a memory foam mattress. I have not removed the cover but read the horror story reviews and realize that the glass fibers could eventually poke through the cover. 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